Sub and Post Acute Care

Nurse holding the hand of a patient while she is in her resident bed

Sub Acute Care

At Windsor Rosewood Care Center, our subacute team seamlessly merges the state-of-the-art technology of a hospital with the streamlined efficiency of a skilled nursing facility. Our primary goal is to stabilize our subacute patient’s medical condition and encourage their safe return to their normal lives with as quickly as possible.

Post Acute Services

Most patients need additional professional support after hospitalization to aid in their initial recovery phase. Additionally, they will benefit from education regarding their specific condition and optimal self-care practices. At Windsor Rosewood Care Center, we offer ongoing support, tailored care, and guidance for a successful recuperation process and to encourage a timely discharge.

Clinical Care Bundles

We offer a wide range of advanced nursing programs and specialty services that promote healing, reduced infection, and proactive preventative measures. These care bundles provide for proactive assessment and intervention to reduce hospital readmission. 

Family Involvement

We understand the importance of involving families in the care journey. Regular communication, support groups, and educational resources are available to help families navigate these challenges. We believe in building a strong partnership with families to ensure that the unique needs and preferences of each resident are met with sensitivity and understanding.