Skilled Nursing

elderly female resident walking with a caregiver in the facility

Nursing Services

Our commitment to providing exceptional nursing services goes beyond just skills – it’s about genuine care and compassion. Our highly skilled nurses not only excel in their professional abilities but also embody a gentle and caring nature, demonstrating a sincere concern for each resident’s well-being.

Comprehensive Skilled Nursing Services

Onsite Medical Director – coordinates and enhances medical services.
Director of Nursing – oversees all aspects of healthcare within the facility.
Individualized Resident Care Plans – tailored treatments to meet the unique needs of each resident.
IV Therapy – administered by trained professionals for optimal patient care 24/7.
Complex Wound Care – expert care to promote healing and prevent complications.
Vent/Trach – breathing assistance and respiratory support.
Respite Stays – short-term stays available for caregivers needing temporary relief.
TPN Feeding – complete nutritional solution delivered directly via a catheter to the bloodstream.
Enteral Feeding Program – specialized feeding solutions for residents with specific needs via feeding tube.
Catheter and Colostomy Care – compassionate care for residents requiring these services.
Off-site Dialysis – coordination of essential off-site medical procedures.
Nutritional and Hydration Programs – tailored plans to meet dietary and physician-ordered needs.
Medication Management and Education – ensuring safe and effective medication practices.
Diabetic Management and Education – specialized care for residents with diabetes.
Pain Management – compassionate care to alleviate discomfort.
Hospice Program – supportive end-of-life care with dignity and respect.
Bowel and Bladder Programs – specialized care for optimal urinary and bowel health.
Psychologist and Audiology Services – comprehensive mental health and hearing care.
Transportation Services – ensuring residents have access to necessary medical appointments.

Restorative Nursing Program

Our specialized restorative program focuses on maximizing the quality of life for long-term care residents. The therapy team and nursing staff collaborate on individualized treatment plans, covering areas such as ambulation, range of motion, activities of daily living, and more.

Dietary Program

Our dietary program is designed to meet the specific needs of each resident, ensuring they receive the proper nutritional support. This includes meals tailored to dietary and therapeutic requirements, oral supplements as prescribed, and regular nutritional assessments conducted by our registered dietitian.